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HOMCO, Hadya Operation & Maintenance Company, started its career in maintenance and operation after having gained extensive experience in this field from within the environment of Hadya, a high-end practical environment where HOMCO grew up. HOMCO attracted high competencies to provide distinguished levels in the sector of facilities management for residential and commercial buildings, complexes, and companies. HOMCO utilizes advanced technologies to deliver services that are peerless and only focused on work fineness to bring a memorable customer experience. The company’s services vary in scale and regularity depending on the customer’s needs, goals and budgets. Whether you need a maintenance job done daily, weekly, or monthly, HOMCO’s teams are here to help.


To be the leading company in the Facility Management sector in Saudi Arabia and MENA Region by being the forerunners in introducing Hard and Soft Services and equipment in a highly professional manner and invest in our Human Resources training and coaching to prepare a sophisticated and efficient workforce.


To role model the Facility Management sector by providing an innovative robotic service delivered by qualified technical people not only in Saudi Arabia but in the region as well.



Fully committed to completing the job in the right way and in full conformity and alignment with the aspirations of customers to achieve the targeted results with high quality, efficiency and accuracy.


Accomplish works on time without compromising accuracy and quality, abide by the deadlines agreed with customers, and hand over their projects to the highest standards of excellence.


Continuous endeavor to provide works that are accurate, unswerving, and enriched with practical characteristics that are equivalent to the money that customers pay for the service they expect from HOMCO.


We focus on the competencies of our team and wholly committed to providing them with factors of development, also to equip them with modern tools and equipment through which they can excel in the service performance.


A perseverant and relentless pursuit to excel in all the works performed throughout the day, making HOMCO a pioneer in ascending the podium of leadership. We have robotic solutions that help perform specific manufacturing tasks. This can lower costs, deliver accurate results and make service more efficient.


HOMCO’s team is highly experienced in various operation and maintenance works of many commercial and residential buildings and complexes. The previous experience of the team in serving the business of Jameel Square, Diyar Hadya, Movenpick Tahlia in Jeddah, and other buildings, contributed to providing reliable solutions and obtaining the best results in managing maintenance and operation works in its several specialties. HOMCO’s team is 24/7 ready to provide the necessary solutions for any emergency maintenance or operation cases regardless of their size.

Team diversity is a key success to deliver the best service. We recruit Saudi talents to be from the region to the region. We also acquire the best talents from around the world to ensure that our team provides you with different levels of experience, having learned best practices from each other.


HOMCO services are adapted to suit the customer’s needs and for sure his budget. HOMCO is proud of its open relationship with customers which means working closely with them to understand their business.

Operational Excellence

HOMCO’s high-tech technologies deliver fast and quality service for customers without any operative disruption. HOMCO provides the required support with the use of next-generation maintenance technologies, offering user-friendly and innovative solutions to improve service quality and reduce costs with a team of seasoned experts in maintenance.

Quality and Safety Policy

At HOMCO, everything starts and ends with safety. HOMCO puts safety as a priority in each project since it is the proper element to focus on. HOMCO applies practical methods to help push the safety measures and quality performance.


Services_Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

  • Maintaining of all air conditioning systems such as Chillers, Air Handling Units, DX Systems, Ducting Systems, Splits Systems, Window Air Conditioning and Central Air Conditioning.
  • Air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance services done by certified engineers and technicians.
  • Inspection of external units, cooling coils, wires and electrical components.
  • Improving air quality with high standards where dust, debris, fungus and other harmful particles are fully removed from indoor air.
  • Replacement of air filters of all kinds.
Services_Air Conditioning

Air Duct Cleaning

  • Duct cleaning will not only improve the air quality of your home but also greatly reduces dust and other allergens.
  • Using HEPA filtration traps for source removal of contaminates.

Air Curtains Supply & Installation

  • Professional installation methods done by experienced technicians.

Electrical Solutions

  • Installing advanced electrical systems in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Installation of electronic devices.

Green Energy Solution

  • Auditing and providing different energy service solutions.
  • Changing old light fixtures with LED technology for energy saving.


  • Installation, maintenance, repair, inspection and testing of hot/cold water supply (kitchen and bathrooms).
  • Drain cleaning, maintenance and repair (residential and commercial).
  • Installation and removal of sewer treatment systems.

Swimming Pools Maintenance

  • Pool cleaning and maintenance is key to keeping your pool looking crystal clear.
  • Brush, vacuum and skim to remove debris.
  • Clean and empty your pumps as well as skimmer baskets to check for algae. Brushing also your pools to rid them of any stains or sediment that has settled on the bottom.
  • Check the chemical balance of your pool’s water and adjust chemicals when needed to maintain its premium condition.


  • Cleaning of palaces, villas, apartments and commercial and residential complexes.
  • cleaning of carpets, rugs and sofas.
  • Tailored cleaning solutions.


  • Targeting and sterilizing all areas of your home, office and workplace.
  • Removal of viruses, germs and bacteria using eco-friendly and safe ingredients.
  • UV sterilization technologies that kill 99.9% of bacteria and mites.

Wall Paintings

  • Painting and retouching the appearance of the interior and exterior walls.
  • Decorating the walls with attractive drawings and colors.
  • Design the walls according to your preferences and budget.
  • Removing stains and making the necessary aesthetic finishes.

Civil Repairs

  • Repair of most types of flooring, walls, ceilings and tiles.
  • Door and window repairs.
  • Professional gypsum board works.


  • Carpentry works for palaces, buildings, villas and apartments.
  • Dismantle, install, repair and manufacture office and furniture, doors and windows.
  • Hardwood flooring works.


  • Care for trees, indoor and outdoor gardens and even irrigation system installation.
  • Treat lawn and landscaping with pesticides to remove harmful insects.
  • Plant new flowers, bushes, plants and decorative shrubs.
  • Rake fallen leaves and remove debris.

Elevator Full Maintenance

  • Monthly maintenance services done by expert engineers and technicians.
  • Attend trouble calls round the clock.
  • Carry out greasing and cleaning of components as required.
  • Examine all components in the machine room, hoist way, pit and cabin and make the necessary adjustment.
  • Maintaining the elevator with the present working condition.

CCTV System Solutions

  • Total installation, integration and maintenance services for all aspects of CCTV systems.
  • Installation and maintenance service of all types of cameras.

Firefighting Service Solutions

  • Installation, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire firefighting systems with high professionalism.

Fire Alarm Services

  • Installation, inspection and maintenance of fire alarm systems and boards.

Robotic Services & Solutions

  • Duct Cleaning
    – Inspect, clean, fix, sterilize and spray commercial and residential ventilation systems.
  • Floor Cleaning
    – Vacuum the floors thoroughly to remove dust, fluff and dirt.
  • Facade Cleaning
    – Window-cleaning to enjoy a spotless healthy interior.



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